Hello from Whatsie HQ!

Lisa is a Medical Physics Specialist and is the heart and brains behind Whatsie. She’s an Australian Mum of three, and is incredibly passionate about helping children learn through open-ended play.

Having little ones with boundless energy and incredible imaginations, Lisa started searching for that special something. Something purposeful that her kids could invest all of their passionate energy into. Lisa wanted something that could grow with her children, that steered them away from screens, and into creative and active play as much as possible.

Whatsie Launches in 2020

Designed to be beautiful, affordable, compact and most importantly purposeful, Whatsie was designed with all family members in mind. Whatsie is comfortable, stylish, and fits right in to the modern home, while still being incredibly versatile for play. Six separate foam pieces, covered in non slip micro-suede (or stylish cotton), allows endless opportunities for open ended play, creative thinking, motor skill development, learning, and so much more! The Whatsie was designed with you in mind. Whether it's a couch, pirate ship, fort, space rocket or castle, the Whatsie is whatever you want it to be.