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What is The Whatsie Play Couch?

The Whatsie was Australia's first and favourite play couch.

The Whatsie Play Couch is a modular couch designed for open ended play.

It’s a couch, it’s a fort, it’s a slide, and it’s everything in between. It can be Whatever you want it to be.

Kids love the endless possibilities the Whatsie presents and parents will love its clean, modern design.

Endless combinations for active play and, when you’re done, it folds up nicely as a part of the room.

What Comes in the Box? How many pieces are included?

The Whatsie consists of 6well designed pieces to create a wide variety of builds.

- 2 base pieces of equal thickness.

- 2 half trapezium back rests

- 2 armrests

The base pieces consist of 2 squares permanently attached in the centre for maximum stability when building.

The half trapezium back rests have been designed so that one side is flush against the wall and the other side has a slight angle to it. This is for maximum comfort. The half trapeziums have a flat top which increase build stability compared to a triangular backrest. Our half trapezium pieces run the full length of the couch for maxium comfort and height when building.

Each Whatsie is vacuum compressed into one box and shipped right to your door ready for play!

What are the dimensions of the Whatsie playcouch?

The base pieces are 168 cm long, 84 cm deep and 12.5 cm high.

The half trapezium pieces are 84 cm long, 30 cm high. The bottom of the half trapezium is 25 cm deep and the top is 10 cm deep.

The armrests are 12.5 cm high, 12.5 cm wide and 55 cm long.

How long does the Whatsie take to expand?

Your Whatsie comes tightly compressed in one box and when you first take it out of the box it may not look very "instagramable".

Most of the expansion will be done in the first 24 hours but can take up to two weeks to fully expand.

Playing with the Whatsie and opening the zippers slightly will speed up the expansion process.

Wrinkles in the fabric will come out with play.

How long can the Whatsie be kept in the box?

The Whatsie can be kept in the box for up to 12 weeks.

Are Whatsie play couches safe?

Absolutely! We take safety very seriously at Whatsie. All our play couches are made with premium high-density foam and the softest microsuede to create the perfect play couch. 

Our foam is certified CertiPUR-US®, which is the gold standard for foam safety. Since it's certified, you can safely know that your play couch is: free of formaldehyde, phthalates, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. Low VOCs and made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEPC flame retardants. Made without ozone deleters and is environmentally innovative!

Our fabric are STANDARD 100 by
OEKO-TEX® certified meaning they are tested to the highest safety standards and free from any harmful substances and dyes.

How do you clean Whatsie?

We all know that little hands can make big messes!

That's why the Whatsie is spill resistant and the covers are machine washable. Simply pop your covers on a gentle cold water cycle on their own and hang the covers to dry in a shady spot. For the small stuff, spot cleaning with a damp cloth is recommended.  

Is there a product guarantee?

Whatsie's are made for open ended play, imagination, relaxation and everything in between, which means that their zippers and seams should stand up to whatever you throw at them. That's why we're more than happy to offer a replacement guarantee to all manufacturing defects within twelve months of the date of purchase.

Whats the difference between microsuede and cotton covers?

We offer both Microsuede and Cotton covers. Both fabrics were chosen because they are incredibly durable (stain resistant, machine washable, shrink-resistant) whilst also being super soft and smooth against the skin.

Our brushed microsuede is a humanmade polyester fabric, made up of millions of very fine microfibres. These fine threads produce lightweight fabrics, that are easy to clean, and are resistant to wrinkles and stains, but still, have a luxurious appearance. Dust doesn’t settle in Microfiber in the same way that it does in other fabric. The fine fibres in microsuede stop dust from accumulating too much.

Microsuede is the perfect option for families with scratchy pets or dust allergies.

Our cotton blend is made with natural materials: 40% ramie and 60% cotton. A highly sustainable, eco-friendly blend that is durable, spill-resistant, beautiful, and resembles the look and feel of a luxury fabric couch. Naturally resistant to bacteria, the Whatsie cotton covers are the perfect choice for families looking for a long-wearing, durable, and modern play couch.

Where is The Whatsie made?

Whatsie's are designed in Australia and manufactured overseas by an accredited factory with over 15 years experience in creating the highest-quality foam couches. 

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